NDIS Applications and How to Prepare for Your Planning Meeting


Are you going to be asking the NDIS for funding for your child?  Do you know how to get ready for your Planning Meeting?  It can be a complicated process, and is extremely important for the future of your child.  One of our parents has written an excellent document which will show you how to go about this process, if you want to improve your chances of getting appropriate funding for your child’s needs.  This Parent’s Guide will definitely give you lots of help and ideas.  In addition, getting help from your Local Area Coordinator or other professional is also a great idea as the process is not straightforward.

You have to be the advocate for your child and particularly if he or she has very high needs, you need to be able to paint an accurate picture of them right from the start.  Once you have had your meeting, there is still a lot to do and there are tips for this as well in the Guide. Here it is:

A Parent’s Guide to the NDIS Planning Meeting

Many thanks to Katharine Nash for her hard work in writing this wonderful Guide