Our Activities

New Mural

Below is a link to a short video clip of our new mural.  We think it has made a big difference to the outside sensory area.  The kids have been identifying some of the animals in it.

Here is the video clip

Excursions, Incursions and Special Programmes

Excursions and incursions are an integral part of our learning programme and are planned to supplement and augment the curriculum as we work towards achieving the outcomes set for our students.  Some excursions are for the entire school and classroom teachers also plan class excursions.  In the past we have participated in incursions and excursions that were incorporated into our curriculum with the specific intent of “value adding“ to their programs, along with other activities of great value:

  1. Swimming for 2 weeks in Term 1
  2. Weekly shopping excursions
  3. Public transport trips to Fremantle, Perth City, Mandurah, Joondalup
  4. Weekly cooking classes
  5. Dance/Music Teacher Semester 1
  6. Dance Teacher Semester 2
  7. Edudance in Term 4 with mainstream classes
  8. Speech Pathologist makes regular visits during the year to provide professional learning to staff
  9. Integration into mainstream classes as suited to each student