Mount Hawthorn Education Support Centre offers two separate programs.  The first is the Early Intensive  Intervention  Program which is highly specialised for Kindy and Pre-Primary students with autism.  The students in this program are those who will progress to mainstream classes part time in Pre-Primary and full-time in Year 1 and do not have an intellectual disability.

However, the  main program at Mount Hawthorn Education Support Centre is for children aged PP to Year 6, generally with an intellectual disability, for whom mainstream classes are not the best option. We are a small centre with a homely atmosphere and a high staff to students ratio that supports your child’s education.  We plan a wide and varied curriculum and aim to make learning interesting and enjoyable for all students and are determined to make sure that each student receives the appropriate learning opportunities to enhance and broaden their abilities. The staff of Mount Hawthorn Education Support Centre work together with parents, guardians, members of the local community, supporting agencies and the staff and community of Mount Hawthorn Primary School, to provide a safe, socially just and supportive environment.

With a much wider intake than a mainstream primary school, we have students coming to Mount Hawthorn ESC from as far away as Nedlands. Luckily, parents do not have to drive their children to our centre as PP to Year 6 students are eligible to use special Transperth buses (assuming that we are their nearest education support centre) which pick them up at their house and bring them to school and back. Buses have an education assistant as well as the driver to assure the safety of the students.

To be eligible for the main education support program (PP to Year 6), a student needs to have an intellectual disability with an IQ lower than 70 or very high needs autism. While many students with intellectual disabilities or higher needs autism are well serviced in mainstream classes, there will always be some who would benefit from a smaller class size, more intensive learning and with a higher level of support.

Our students are integrated into mainstream classes such as Art, Sport, Music, Dance, attend some incursions and special activities and play amongst mainstream peers during breaks, so they are not isolated from the primary school community.

If you think you may have a child who would be eligible to come to us into PP – Year 6 and you are interested in considering this option, please do give us a call and come around for a visit at any time of the year.